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Prepare to Start College This Summer

The summer before starting college may seem like a great time to relax and just have fun, but your child should dedicate some of this time to preparing for the year. To help your child get ready for college, use these tips.

Start Your Summer Reading

In many cases, your child will be assigned some summer homework. This homework must get done in order for your child to not start the school year already behind. As soon as your child gets their assignments, help them look for the books they'll have to read to get it all done and encourage them to get started early so that they don't run out of time.

Get to Know Important Dates

There will be plenty of important dates your child will have to keep track of even before they start the school year. They may have to attend orientation at some point in the summer, they may have a registration date that falls in the summer months, and if they're moving into dorms, they'll have to remember their move-in date. Keep all of these dates in a calendar so that your child doesn't miss anything important.

Meet Your Roommate

Finally, if your child will be living on campus, chances are they will be sharing a room with a roommate. If they don't already know their roommate, the summer is a great time to call them up or look them up on social media so that they can start making plans and get to know each other.

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