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Get Ready for an Online Test

Taking tests online can start to become the new normal, so it's important that your child is prepared for this shift. If your child has only taken tests on paper, help them adjust to this change with these tips.

Test Your Computer

Before a test, you'll want to be sure your computer is working perfectly. For example, test your sound to ensure that's working properly in case the test has a listening portion or includes audio. It's also important that you double-check that everything is plugged in properly to avoid issues during the test.

Keep Track of Your Time

Keeping track of the time while taking a test can be tough, and may be even more so during an online test. Remind your child to keep an eye on the timer so that they don't lose track of time. They can also set an alarm on their phone to remind them of the amount of time they have left.

Pick a Good Spot

Finally, help your child create the perfect test-taking spot the day before their test. Set up a desk with their computer and all the other materials they'll need. This desk should be in a quiet part of the home where they won't get distracted or be unable to focus. Make sure pets are in another room and that everyone knows they will be taking a test.

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