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How to Help Your Child Improve Their Handwriting

Many students may try to argue that handwriting is no longer important because everything is digital now, but that's not entirely true. If your child's handwriting is looking more like chicken scratch than actual letters, use these tips from The Tutoring Center, Simpsonville SC to help them improve their technique.

Take It Slow

If your child is trying to speed through their homework in order to have more time to play video games, their homework assignments may be completely unreadable. If this is the case, have your child redo their homework so that it can actually be understood by their teacher. Remind them to slow down to keep their handwriting neat. After all, their video games aren't going anywhere.

Loosen Your Grip

If your child is gripping their pencil in a way that's uncomfortable to them, this can negatively affect their handwriting. Let your child find a way to grip their pencil that is comfortable and that lets them have better control over their writing. Ensure they're using the hand that feels most comfortable for writing rather than forcing them to use their other hand. Finally, have them loosen their grip and the amount of pressure they're putting on their pencil and paper since this can often make it harder to control their handwriting.

Practice Makes Perfect

If your child is just learning to write, don't expect their handwriting to be perfect right away. It takes time to develop their motor skills and gain control over their writing. For now, have them practice by tracing over letters.

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