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Amp up Your Child's Social Skills

Social skills are a must when you're an adult, so it's important that your child gets to work on them early on. If you're concerned that your child isn't picking up on these, use the following tips to help them improve their social skills.

Practice Social Skills at Home

Practicing social skills is a must, so why not do it at home as a game? To make learning social skills fun, play role-playing games with your child. For example, you can play the part of shy person and challenge your child to start a conversation and keep it going with your character. You can then fill their role and try to start a conversation with whatever character they choose to play.

Teach Your Child About Personal Space

If you're often very close with your child when talking to them or interacting with them, they may act in a similar way with others. It's important that they recognize the importance of personal space, especially if they're interacting with someone they just met. Teach them to give others plenty of space so that they're comfortable, no matter the situation.

Be Patient

If your child is just developing these skills, be patient with them. These skills take time to learn and master, so don't expect them to be a social superstar in a week. Let them take their time and find where they're comfortable.

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