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Tips for Parents Preparing for a Parent-Teacher Conference

Parent-teacher conferences can make some parents worry. From getting bad reports on their child to not getting along with the teacher, you may think there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Instead of focusing on things that haven't happened, focus on preparing for a successful conference. Use these tips to prepare.

Stay Involved

An easy way to prepare for your parent-teacher conference is by knowing what's going on. This means reading the information that gets sent home from the teacher and keeping an eye on your child as they do homework and study. This basic knowledge will help you get a better grasp of what your child is working on, if they're struggling, or if they're bored.

Know What to Ask

Once you have this knowledge, you may have some questions you want to ask your child's teacher. Write these questions down since they can be very easy to forget, especially once you're at your meeting. Continue adding to your list in the days leading up to your meeting and prioritize these questions so that you have enough time to address the most pressing questions.

Listen and Take Notes

You're not the only one with questions. It's very likely that your child's teacher will also have questions for you and maybe even some resources they think will help your child. Listen to their suggestions and don't be afraid to take notes. After all, this information can also be easy to forget once you're out the door.

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