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Get Your Child Interested in History Lessons

For many parents, it can be hard to understand why their children are so bored with their history lessons. After all, history class is basically a super interesting story time. Unfortunately, many history classes revolve around a boring textbook and not much else. To help your child get more interested in their history lessons, check out these tips that can make it more fun.

Hold a Movie Night

Watching movies with your child may not seem like an educational activity, but it can be. Look for movies or documentaries that include the historical period your child is currently studying. Some movies may not be super accurate, but you can use this as a discussion point after watching the movie.

Take a Break from the Books

If your child's history work doesn't involve much beyond reading a lesson out of a textbook and then answering questions, it's easy to understand why they're so bored. Take a step back from their books and focus on making these lessons come to life. Take your child on field trips to local museums or historical sites that can take their lessons much closer to home.

Let Your Child Do the Teaching

A great way to encourage your child to have fun with their history lessons is by having them be the teacher. Ask them to prepare a history lesson for you, the student, that is fun and engaging. This will encourage them to not only review their lessons, but it can also help them look for new ways to have fun with and interact with their lessons.

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