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Fun Ways to Keep Your Child Learning This Summer

Summer break is a great time for your child to get some rest and relaxation after a long school year. This, however, doesn't mean they should spend all day playing video games. To ensure their brain stays engaged and learning, use these tips to keep them busy while preventing the summer slide.

Summer Reading Practice

If your child hasn't developed a love for reading yet, this summer can be the turning point. Allowing your child to choose their own reading material can be a big help since it allows them to read what they're actually interested in. Take a trip to your local library and allow your child to freely pick whatever they want to read. If the library is hosting a summer reading program, be sure to sign your child up. These programs often offer prizes for every milestone reached. This can be a huge motivator and can lead your child to discover how fun reading can be.

Math Practice

Math isn't most people's idea of fun, but you can definitely sneak it into some activities this summer. For example, have family game nights but pick boardgames that include math practice. You can also have your child practice their math skills by taking them back to school shopping and have them figure out the discounts and prices of items.

Get Creative at Home

Allow your child to let their creativity flow this summer. Creativity is a huge asset that can help your child along their academic path. To encourage creative growth, find projects and activities that your child really enjoys. From painting to writing or even paper crafts, your child is bound to get excited over something that allows them to be expressive and creative.

Summer Tutoring in Simpsonville, SC

Take advantage of the summer and enroll your child in tutoring in Simpsonville. The tutoring programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Simpsonville SC can help your child catch up on the lessons they didn't quite master during the school year. Learn all about these programs by giving their learning center a call at (864) 757-8338.


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