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Signs of School-Related Stress

As a parent, you may not realize how stressful school can be for students of all ages. If your child is feeling a lot of pressure, this can take over and cause changes in their everyday life. To help you detect stress in your child, look for these signs.

Acting Out More Than Usual

Students who are feeling overwhelmed will often be on edge. This means they can act out and have extreme reactions to things you think are small and insignificant. If you notice that mentioning school or anything related to school gets your child angry or visibly upset, there is likely something going on. Don't ignore these signs, and instead talk to your child to help them deal with whatever is going on.

Avoiding School Completely

When students are feeling overwhelmed by something school-related they won't only act out. Oftentimes, they'll also try to avoid school completely. They may avoid talking about school, but in some cases, they may also try to avoid going to school. If your child is looking for ways to avoid going to school or they get upset when getting ready for school, talk to them about why they don't want to go.

Changing Habits

Keep an eye on your child's daily habits so that you can detect changes in these as well. Stress can get in the way of your child's sleep, making them even more restless. If they can't fall asleep or wake up often in the night, ask them what is stressing them out.

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