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Is Your Child Burned Out?

As your student progresses through school, their workload can get more demanding. While this is quite normal, some students may seriously start to struggle because of the unrealistic expectations they've set for themselves. This can lead to academic burnout which can hinder your child's ability to perform at their best. If you suspect your child is burned out, this information can help.

Signs of Academic Burnout

Academic burnout may be confused with a student who is feeling tired after a long week. However, burnout is much more serious than that. While a tired student may be able to catch up on sleep and feel better, burnout takes place over a longer period of time and won't simply go away. Students who are burned out will feel mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted to the point where a good night's sleep won't make much of a difference. In fact, the stress and pressure that are causing your child's burnout may even cause them to lose sleep and miss meals. Your child will feel like they're not accomplishing anything no matter how hard they work and they may even start to avoid the activities they once enjoyed or the people they love.

How to Fight Academic Burnout

Academic burnout won't just go away, so it's important that both you and your child make an effort to fight it. Your child will have to make some serious changes to their routines that involve putting their health first. Ensure your child gets plenty of sleep, is eating healthy meals, and is making time for physical activity. On top of that, listen to your child's concerns and avoid putting too much pressure on them when it comes to academics and other activities. If needed, allow them to drop an activity or two so that they have more time and energy for the things they enjoy.

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