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Fight the Summer Slide While on Vacation

As you pack your bags for your family vacation, don't forget to also plan some learning activities for your child. Although you'll be on vacation, there are still plenty of learning opportunities that can help your child fight the summer slide. Check out these fun examples they'll love.

Use Money to Practice Math

Math skills are easy to practice when traveling in a foreign country because you'll likely have to use a foreign currency. Before exchanging dollars for the local currency, have your child use the exchange rates to calculate how much you should be getting back. When souvenir shopping, have your child convert local prices to dollars to see how much things cost.

Develop Language Skills

Before heading on your trip, work on learning some key phrases in the local language. Even though most tourist destinations are full of people who speak English, learning some key phrases in the local language can be fun and educational for your child. There are tons of benefits associated with learning a foreign language, including increasing creativity and developing better language skills in your own language.

Learn Something New

While abroad, encourage your child to open their mind and welcome new experiences. From new flavors to cultural customs, your child is likely to be confronted by plenty of things that will ask them to step outside their comfort zone, and this is great! Not only will this help them develop tolerance and understanding, but it can also help them develop a larger understanding of the world around them while helping them become more self-confident individuals.

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