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How to Write an Effective To-Do List

Help your child keep track of all the assignments and commitments they have to complete on a daily basis by introducing them to to-do lists. To ensure your child gets the most out of their efforts, teach them these tips for the most effective to-do lists.

Write Down Your To-Do List

To ensure your child's to-do list works, they have to write it down. Instead of trying to keep a mental to-do list, encourage your child to write down their tasks so that they don't forget any of them. It doesn't matter if they prefer to write down their list on a whiteboard or in an app as long as they have a physical list they can reference throughout the evening.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Instead of having your child randomly complete tasks on their list, have them put their assignments in order from most important to least important. Homework that's due tomorrow or a project that is due the next day should be completed before they focus any attention on assignments that aren't due until next week. This will help reduce some of their stress and keep them on top of their most pressing tasks first.

Keep Your List Manageable

If your child's list is impossible to complete, this is a sign that they've taken on too much. While they may not yet feel it, they may soon start to feel the effects of burnout. To prevent this from affecting them, help your child manage their tasks and activities better or they may even need to drop an extracurricular activity so that they can stay on top of all their commitments.

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