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Teach Your Child These Concentration Tips

For many students, staying focused in class can turn into a real struggle. Since there are plenty of things that can be distracting, there are also many ways to combat this. To help your child stay focused, share these tips with them.

Put Away Electronic...


Amp up Your Child's Social Skills

Social skills are a must when you're an adult, so it's important that your child gets to work on them early on. If you're concerned that your child isn't picking up on these, use the following tips to help them improve their social skills.

Practice Social Skills...


Easy Ways to Prepare for Kindergarten

If your child is starting kindergarten in the near future, it's not too early to start preparing. To ensure they get off to a good start on their academic career, use these tips to prepare.

Make Your Child Comfortable

If your child's first day of school is...

Easy Ways to Stay Involved in Your Child's Academics

Most parents want to stay involved in their child's academic life because of the positive impact it can have. With that said, many of these parents aren't sure how to stay involved beyond helping with homework. Luckily, there are tons of ways...

Tips for Parents Preparing for a Parent-Teacher Conference

Parent-teacher conferences can make some parents worry. From getting bad reports on their child to not getting along with the teacher, you may think there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Instead of focusing on things that haven't...

Enjoy the Benefits of Tutoring

Tutoring has a number of benefits that students of all ages and levels can enjoy. Many parents think that tutoring is reserved for those students who are struggling but this isn't true. To learn about some of the other benefits of tutoring, keep reading.

Keep up in...


Tips for Preparing for the New School Year

The first day of school may not be your child's favorite day of the year, but they still need to be prepared for it. Before their first day back arrives, use these tips to get them as ready as possible for a successful academic year.

Have Specific Goals


Fight the Summer Slide While on Vacation

As you pack your bags for your family vacation, don't forget to also plan some learning activities for your child. Although you'll be on vacation, there are still plenty of learning opportunities that can help your child fight the summer slide. Check...

Fun Ways to Keep Your Child Learning This Summer

Summer break is a great time for your child to get some rest and relaxation after a long school year. This, however, doesn't mean they should spend all day playing video games. To ensure their brain stays engaged and learning, use these tips to...

Why Math Classes Matter

You probably won't be surprised to hear that most students don't like their math classes. In fact, many of them would choose not to take a math class given the option. However, math is super important throughout life, so it's worth taking the time to get to the root of...


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