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Fun Ways to Keep Your Child Learning This Summer

Summer break is a great time for your child to get some rest and relaxation after a long school year. This, however, doesn't mean they should spend all day playing video games. To ensure their brain stays engaged and learning, use these tips to...

Why Math Classes Matter

You probably won't be surprised to hear that most students don't like their math classes. In fact, many of them would choose not to take a math class given the option. However, math is super important throughout life, so it's worth taking the time to get to the root of...

How to Write an Effective To-Do List

Help your child keep track of all the assignments and commitments they have to complete on a daily basis by introducing them to to-do lists. To ensure your child gets the most out of their efforts, teach them these tips for the most effective to-do lists.



Is Your Child Burned Out?

As your student progresses through school, their workload can get more demanding. While this is quite normal, some students may seriously start to struggle because of the unrealistic expectations they've set for themselves. This can lead to academic burnout which can...

Help Your Child Improve Their Grades

It's not uncommon for students to come across a few obstacles during the school year that makes it hard to reach their ideal grades. If your child is having a hard time getting the grades they know they can reach, check out these tips to help them get there.



Improve Mental Math Skills

Math can be quite intimidating for some students, but working on their mental math skills can make it all less daunting. To help your child sharpen their mental math abilities and lose some of the stress around math, use these tips.

Break Down Problems

If your child is...

How to Help Your Child Improve Their Handwriting

Many students may try to argue that handwriting is no longer important because everything is digital now, but that's not entirely true. If your child's handwriting is looking more like chicken scratch than actual letters, use these tips...

Get Your Child Interested in History Lessons

For many parents, it can be hard to understand why their children are so bored with their history lessons. After all, history class is basically a super interesting story time. Unfortunately, many history classes revolve around a boring textbook and...

The Importance of Introducing Your Child to Math at an Early Age

It's not uncommon for students to enter kindergarten with a lot more knowledge than what was customary in the past. For these young learners, this arsenal of knowledge can prove to be a huge benefit for many years to come. When it...

Study Tips for Students

Developing good study habits early on is super important for students who hope to have a successful academic career. To help your child study more effectively, check out the following tips.

Remove Electronic Distractions

It's not uncommon for students to get distracted...


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